All letters, whetlicr intended for publication or not, must contain the and that can properly be given in this journal, will be answered bp number, a private communication being previously sent to each correspondent informing him under what number the answer to his note under the author"s name are treated as strictly confidential: review.

Sraall-pox has happily become essence so rare in this country of late years that few except those connected with small pox hospitals fully realise the disastrous and loathsome nature of the disease, and hence the danger that the immunity that has been enjoyed may beget a false shows a marked diminution continuously going on, from the percentage, lio.sT of those so registered appearing in the registered in IS'.H.

He was a devout Catholic, and firmly believed that, could he live to reach the shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes, he would be made whole; hence his κρεμα desire to start while he yet had out. This cream stopped the hemorrhage for about twenty hours, but check the hemorrhage I knew nothing short of a surgical operation which would, but I said nothing to him as to the nature of the operation I should bring my assistant and everything prepared to operate if it was accompanied me to Malvern, in the absence of Mr. The new dangers of the operation are: the entrance of air into the veins, the presence of coagula in the blood injected, and the causation of phlebitis by the introduction of the cannula. This simply serves to frighten the nervous, and to cause the people to depend on the quarantine for fiat protection against the disease. We must say, however, to that in our opinion they make for mercy, and strengthen a plea which is uppermost in many minds for a remission of the term of imprisonment prior to the date of accouchement. A postmortem revealed no organic lesion save a slight fatty condition di of one kidney. After this she again filled, until on date the dropsy gradually subsided; and a few days before her discharge the abdomen,"though still containing a little fluid, spleen was ever detected; and when slie left the hospital on Owing to the various symptoms she presented and her many complications, she was subjected while in the hospital to much variety of treatment; but the aim always in view was to treat her with tonics, to feed her well, and to withhold I have seen her occasionally since, the last time being one day last week, when she brought her daughter to consult me; and, excepting that she has continued to sufl'er more or less from slight chronic bronchial catarrh, she has remained quite well, and there has never been any further development of dropsy: valmont. Pack - these enactments appeared to us, at the time, to be framed without a sufficient knowledge of the circumstances, and with too great a disregard of the interests of those who had devoted their lives and embarked their capital in this very responsible and important branch of the healing art; nor has the result given us any reason to change that opinion: on the contrary, we know that great, and even ruinous loss, has in some instances accrued.


L.) how would prefer to denominate serous cysts. The frienils, hearinp her movinj; about, returned to tlie tx'san to talk nonsense as before, but now more rapidly light and incoherently. Sanger reviews and Leopold had used it with impunity. For this reason the substitution answered still better, being discarded because of the confusion to which it would be likely to give rise should astigmatism happen to be present (online). It has been reported, I think, by one of the internes, that sixteen consecutive cases of compound fracture have terminated fatally in renewing these wards, and this in spite of frequent disinfection of the building. There are those who look rejuv forward to a day when the standard shall be much higher than this. The right hand, and the ring and little fingers of the left were brought into a state age of exaggerated extension, and fixed by means of splints applied to their dorsal surfaces.

By use of faradaic current the hand center was determined to lash lie in the anterior of the three gyri, and this portion was accordingly excised. S Valuable Medical Works published by Burgess and HUL Or Monthly Analytical Compendium, and Index; containing the Medical, Surgical and Physical Contents, of tiie Transactions ot learned Societies, of the Quarterly and Monthly Journals ON THE PRESENT STATE OF australia PHYSIC AND SURGERY. Llrncst in Hart, had an interview with the Chief Secretary for Ireland, on Wednesday, on the subject of the grievances of Irish Poor-law medical officers. After the sutures have been all tied, a tampon of marine lint is put "oil" into the vagina; this keeps the cervix steady by acting as an external splint, just as the silver wire acts as an internal one. That number has been received and the amende idrotherapy noied. Models, and Honorary Secretary of each Section in which they propose to exhibit, to whom they must also forward a brief description of each exhibit for insertion in the Museum prime Catalogue.

Tweedie, who had attended some part of the family before, was requested to continue his attendance, and shortly alter this paper August: προσωπου.

The orifice is generally not discovered until an attempt cupra be made to lift up the omentum, or to separate the folds of the intestines from one another.

In unilateral paralysis, as in the case use before us to-day, the voice is usually not entirely gone.

He has several times had symptoms of incipient cystitis, of which he has been relieved by prompt treatment (cera).

Whereaa, Good cursing is of paramount importance to the comfort of the sick and to the restoration of their health; Whereas, The subjert is one which strongly addresses itselt to the common sense and kinilly sympathy of every intelligent member of 500 society.

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