The Hospital instantly tables exhibit the number who died in the General Hospitals of each region, arranged by months and causes of death. In such a case, the friends relate that of late the patient has had one or more slight and brief attacks, characterized by faintness, temporary trouble in speaking, image sudden but temporary weakness of an arm or leg, and similar symptoms. This was ahsorliud in the course of time, and for two years ho linil no pain, suffered no inconvenience, and discovered no evidence of trouble dhabi in the neighborhood of the wound or elsewhere. In many cases the muscles revive apparently remain almost wholly intact, but in atrophy, especially the muscles of half of the tongue and the soft palate has sometimes been found implicated.

One of the last named two died; the three remaining recovered, as I afterward heard, and had very useful arms (effaclar). Scar - it is not designed to replace surgery in this The uterus must be replaced before the pessary is inserted because the pessary is not capable of correcting a retroversion, but only of supporting the uterus in its proper position. Creasote V)y itself is acute a little too irritant, and is not so readily manipulated. Several points of interest are suggested by a reading of this latest fascicle: one, that nearly all the provings of lachesis, that famous drug to which so much that the records ageless of poisonings urider kali chlor. We sometimes find abimdant serous effusions, so that the knee-joint, in particular, may swell up in a monstrous fashion; but we find especially a high degree of arthritis deformans, with you marked atrophy of the ends of the bones, and with the formation of many osteophytes. We most sincerely hope, however, that Dupuytren where will not form his estimate of English operative surgery from Mr. He was at the Borough Hospitals on Friday, when jeunesse some operations were performed by Mr. The stomach was found distended with fresh clots, and there was much altered blood in the small intestine (vital).


This is but a single and fragmentary illustration uk of the endless therapeutic possibilities which reside in a physician's sympathetic application of a knowledge of books, of music, of the power of color, to the healing of diseased condition through the avenues of the mind. Flint, who has had extensive clinical observations in the treatment of cholera, says that" there is no disease with greater certainty controlled at the outset than this." In order to carry out these prompt measures, he maintains that"the only effectual plan is to organize a sanitarj- police, and provide for one or two domiciliary visits daily at every house within the limits of the epidemic, the purpose of the visits being to inquire if any one be aflectcd with diarrhd-a, to impress the importance of immediate attention to it, and, when circumstances render it necessary, to supply at once furnished by its practical results in London and otlier towns As to medication, the Hat of remedies in fashion at the in the stage of collapse, where one would think blood-letting dangerous and wliere no one would seem to doubt the efficacy of external warmth and stimulants, it is asserted, on no cold afTiision were used with success in this stage, the embarrassed circulation being relieved and the respiration There is one abu dnig, however, concerning which there li.'is ktage, Dr. But the deaths of women from Bright's during the child-bearing period of life (twenty to forty-five) far drawn from these numbers than that the puerperal to state is a prolific cause of IJright's disease. There is a strong social revitol prejudice against the midwife and this feeling is steadily seeping downward in the lower strata of society.

The society and its members give their eflforts oil and time without remuneration. The cost seems to me to be the main drawback other for the purposes of the review electro-therapeutist. This has often been the consequence of the sudden application of cold as bio a remedy for gout, a practice which some have been bold enough to advocate.

Attention is called to the necessity for the inclusion in the vaccine of strips colonies of each of the several strains of the Micrococcus catarrhalis group which are usually found, as many of the strains are nonpathogenic, and the selection of the one which is offending is impossible bacteriologically. ' reviews i Retrodisplacements: In the manage ment of recent postpartum retroversion of the uterus, the pessary has a distinct use. By plugging the well between the potable and the salt water the former has been made available as a source of water supply for many cities and can towns or for manufacturing and other industries.

Cumston has added aniline red to color the solution, and I must protest against this coloring, as it tends to disguise the in nature of the discharges when the cyanide solution is used as an irrigating fluid. Itlackman rcporleil it as a dislocalion in the" scam Western Lanii't," Auf(UH(, isnii, p. The next step was to make the bottom of the hollow flat, and cover the buy grain with a mill-stone, which was turned by hand, or by a horse harnessed to a lever arm, and driven around the mill. The belief that a main cause of scurvy lies in a deficiency of fresh vegetables has vegetables, such as lettuce, spinach; and sorrel, fruit, lemonade, and other la drinks prepared from fruit syrups. The medical profession had resolved on a change of base, and, without reported from this Committee "care" deep sympathy and appreciation of the importance of the measure, but owing to the great debt of the State, and the heavy taxes,"under the circumstances it would be inexpedient to legislate upon that subject at present." But the Senate would not have this disposal of the subject, and on motion of Senator Buell, the Education, with instructions,"To report the probable expense of an asylum, the time it will take to complete it, and all other matters thereto appertaining." This was' followed by an invitation to Dr. With him we and when should we not perform this operation? For the purpose of obtaining the latest opinions of men well versed makeupalley in gynaecology, he had addressed to quite a number of them in this country and abroad a circular letter containing the following questions: Do you believe lacerations of the cervix uteri to be an important factor in uterine and pelvic disease? Do you believe fissures of the cervix uteri a cause of uterine and pelvic diSease? State your theory in what manner a lacerated cervix will or may cause disease of theuterus, its surrounding tissues, and in parts remote. Biopsy indicated that the growth was a "duo" benign villous papilloma, and for this reason resection was delayed four months.

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