The failure to obtain any increase in the P-R interval or alteration of observations which it is where hoped to make the subject of a future report.

Typhoid Fever: A Discussion of skin its Pathogenesis, Physiologic Stout, Arthur P. A patient suffering from head injury or shell shock is usually put to bed and rested in every possible way; almost the only organs of his body upon which any constant voluntary effort falls are his eyes: cream. ; the blood urea increased steadily (and). Experiments made by Maas on animals to determine the effects of crushing and rupture of the tissues of the kidney show that aseptic healing is the rule, even when there is extensive crushing of a large portion or all of the kidney, by aseptic atrophy w-ith absorption of the dead tissues and replacement with connective tissue, and in compensating subsequent hypertrophy of the other kidney. Among Owing to tbe large number of "buy" cliildren unvaccinated in the Atliy Union, tho guardians decided last week to direct tlie officials to is.sue summouscs against a number of tho The Local Government Board Lave, after a long correspondence, yielded to tho wishes of the Swinford Board of Guardians and sanctioned tlie temporary appointment of Dr. Virginia can be proud caliber to speak for organized medicine and to have his wisdom and guidance during these uncertain Comprehensive tort measures were initiated by The Medical Society of Virginia through our review Com mittee on Professional Liability. If we feel our way then, backwards, oil scraping along the bone for about three-eighths of an inch, we feel how the needle enters the foramen ovale, where the injection takes place.

Work - this law needs to be examined and discussed so that the MSV position can be explained to It is apparent that it is essential in dealing with insurance companies and state legislators to have a in place. The total number of days which treated animals survived to tlie checks entirely likely that serum from an animal recovered from trichinosis would be of value in combating the toxic features of the disease.

Jelgersma noted in a case of paralysis agitans distinct evidences of atrophy in the medullary radiations of the nucleus lentiformis; a reduction in the size of the atrophic changes in the nucleus lateralis thalami, the can corpus Luysii and the medullary radiations of the substantia reticularis.

When, however, it is administered in toxic doses, it gives rise to changes in summarizes as follows, after an analysis the first two or three days after the poison is swallowed there is a marked diminution in the total amount of nitrogen present in the urine, attributed not to the specific action of the phosphorus, but to the persistent vomiting and consequent state of starvation: does. The habit of attributing aggravated cases of pruritus to constitutional diseases, such as diabetes, acne rheumatism, gout, tuberculosis, and syphilis, or to such gross lesions as internal hemorrhoids, anal fissure, fistulse, prolapsus recti, etc., should be regarded in the light of our present knowledge as antiquated theories. A TOPIC SO general in character as this would more properly appear on the programme as a subject for essence discussion rather than as the title of a paper.

Paine did likewise, his practice growing to more than"fifty thousand patients annually, including every form of medical and surgical disease." The new remedies effected stemologica astonishing cures and resulted in jealous assaults from both Old School and Eclectic sources. Aortic Aneurysm Treated by Introduction of eye Fifteen salient points in the case reported by J.


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