This combination of inflammation and moist gangrene, or, rather, the secondary changes produced by gangrene, breaks down the tissue or exudate into a dirty, grayish-green or dark green, malodorous material and indicates an unfavorable prognosis for the inflammation because of tlie almost unavoidable absorbtion of toxic matter All chronic inflammations, whatever the character of the exudate, result in the production of vascular connective tissue; the existence of a bacony, indurated, semitransparent or opaque milky tissue in or about an inflammatory area is eye a distinct evidence of its chronicity.

All the witnesses called bore testimony to the mildness and intelligence of the boy, who made no complaint of ill treatment, but who had said that if there was a blow to come from his father it was sure to be for him, sk-ii and not for his sister, whose misdeeds were always overlooked. In the essence therapeutic section the - President, Dr. Had I been so conservative as to have untwisted the pedicle with a view to leaving the spleen in the body, death from embolus r.n.a. would in all probability have promptly terminated the case, as the blood in the large vein had To have expected the patient to recover under such a load of misfortunes would have been unreasonable, and yet death, without the operation was inevitable. I do not of course refer to the melodramatic brigand arrangement that, in feeble imitation of our late foes, was inflicted on the Imperial Yeomen by the would-be smart military male milliner, but to the real article, as worn by the real Boer and, it may be added, by everyone else who has work to do in the open in that climate, after he has been review out there sufficiently long to have discarded the"helmet," decked out with a pugaree finished off with a pair of long tails down the back, with which his London Colonial outfitter has probably provided him. During the period of qui escence the skin of the affected nut regions often shows a brownish discoloration, furfuraceous, somewhat in recent cases, the festooned appearance of the eruption, limited by a sharp, elevated, bright red edge, being quite typical. A peculiar form of continued fever, which is said not to be age typhoid and not to be malaria, is described by Robles, of Quezaltenango, and Robles has separated from the blood of the patients a micrococcus resembling Micrococcus melitensis, but liquefying gelatine.

Which owing reviews to their sparing solubility are tasteless. Such disturbances manifest themselves either where as pathological exaggeration or pathological impairment of motility.

Malassez and Vignal pursue valuable bacteriological, as well as general histological, researches; and, indeed, it may be said, as will be seen in my subsequent letters, that the laboratories of higher study and research, in which microbiology is studied in Paris, are numerous, new extensive, and well planned, and afford the most enviable and valuable facilities not only to French men of science and advanced students of biology and medicine, but to those of all other countries; for, with the most generous and unstinted hospitality, the laboratories, whether of study or research, of the Faculty and of the School of Medicine of Paris, as well as those of the College de France and of the Sorbonne, are open to students of all countries either free of all charge or for par ticular kinds of study at fees so low as to be nominal. (a) Infection goodbye with Neisseria intracellularis.

In the lymph passages, by continuity of growth the cords of cancer cells may extend as far as the nearest lymph glands; or individual cells loosened in some way may be carried by the lymph current to the latter and cream to more distant portions of the lymphatic system.

Pharmacopoeia recognizes three grades of acetic acid, which are designated same names in the British Pharmacopoeia, correspond very in closely in strength to the the German Pharmacopoeia the term acetic acid is used to designate a solution containing In all probability manufacturers and dealers prepare the official acid by simply diluting a stronger acid with the required quantity of water and standardizing the mixture with desired quantity (in grammes or avoirdupois ounces) by the required percentage and divide the product by the percentage of the stronger acid; the quotient will represent the quantity of stronger acid necessary to yield the desired quantity of weaker acid. It does for all ages and both sexes, and can be bent to any curve before lift its introduction, or after its introduction, with a finger in the rectum. It cannot, we think, be denied that it has frequently required subsequent interference, such as division of the tendo-AchilUs, a support under the anterior part of the stump, etc., in order to mio prevent such a degree of retraction of the ent part. The mouth and pharynx should be carefully cleansed with carbolic acid, which is the most efficacious agent against Dr (radical).


Coleoptrata, Chaiechelyne vesuviana, Himantarium gervaisi, and Stigmaiogasier subterraneus occur in amazon the alimentary canal. It was, however, early recognized that there was a fatal disease of work' Historia Medica Brasiliae,' gives an account of a fatal disease, Oppilatio (or Oppiiagao), present in Brazil, by which he probably meant ankylostomiasis (tea). Microscopically the epidermis may be normal, or thickened with atrophied or elongated papillae; the mama sweat glands and hair follicles In cutting into the tissue of a region affected with elephantiasis' the skin may be noted to be thickened, and below it there will be found dense fibrous trabeculae, with the spaces filled with yellow, oily, fatty substance, which exudes lymph, while the vessels and nerves will be found much increased in size. A hypercholia of this type occurs in conditions which cause a marked destruction of red blood cells, and the haemoglobin set free en masse is then worked over in the liver and renders the bile particularly rich in its pigmentary matter (skin). I commenced with the use of the negative way for three weeks, after which I used the positive pole in the sinus with about the same strength of current for two weeks more: products. Constipation is counteracted by small doses of castor oil, liquid paraffin, Carlsbad salts, kola Hunyadi Janos, Apenta water, or enemata, but if of a marked nature should arouse suspicions of stenosis, especially if the ordinary laxative remedies do not ameliorate the condition. Attacks of power dyspnea set in, o'clock in the afternoon, when labor pains set each pain.

The Governor is ex-officio President stretch of the Board.

Stark, Richard care J Marietta, Pa.

This condition muse be differentiated from lumbago, neuritis to and neuralgia, disease of the spine and hip-joint, typhoid fever, psoas abscess and appendicitis.

Clear - at my first visit after the maniacal symptoms had made their appearance, I found her standing upon the bed in a state of nudity, her hair disheveled, and gesticulating wildly with her hands and arms.

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