The stores of proteid and eye farinaceous nutriment contained in the seeds of cereals and leguminous plants, and in the bulbs, tubers, roots, and succulent stems of certain vegetables are, in the raw state, nearly altogether beyond his powers of digestion.

The second and by new far the more important handicap to the correct diagnosis of a metastasis in the central nervous sj-stem is -due to the fact that the primary tumors may be so insignificant in comparison with the condition in the central nervous system that they escape recognition. The author sees much in syphilis beyond the bare symptoms which every general practitioner readily can live see, and points the way to the proper care of the patient as being of much more importance than stereotyped medication.

The alveoli w-ere dilated, sebium and were comi)letely filled with an exudate almost exclusively made up of red blood-eorpuseles. When in straitened circumstances from, paying this particular kind of bill, the workman becomes dissatisfied, despondent and is more easily influenced to ask for a change in his condition and surroundings, for his hours of work to be I also wish to call your attention mar to a broader view, that of the dependency of the railroads' income from freight and passenger revenue upon the health and productiveness of the country through which Another statement upon which we can all agree is that a very large per cent of of the diseases we know the cause and how to prevent them or control their BOWDOIN: COOPER.A.TION IN DISEASE PREVENTION In regard to the prevalence of contagious and infectious diseases I should like the whole. Adrenalin, while a drug possessing providence only limited applications, seems to be an efficient remedy in the relief of nausea and such as antipyrine, methylene blue, cocaine, alcohol, ether, osmic acid, etc., have been employed in this connection.

I explained the situation to the patient, prevage and assured her that an of)eration would certainly relieve, and perhaps completely dissipate, the disorders from which she suffered. The disease illuminate also has a tendency to become chronic.


The preparation showed that the deformity was caused by a "serum" twisting downwards and slightly inwards of the anterior portion of the OS calcis and astragalus, with very little, if any, drawing up of the os calcis behind the ankle. Two days afterwards, onethird of the flap of the stump was found beginning to slough, and for epigastrium; and as there were no physical signs in the chest to account for the state of the breathing, it was supposed to be tetanic, and cream a fourth of a grain of extract of belladonna was ordered, to be repeated every five hours. The degree of Poctor of Medicine enm spa lnudn will be giveu cent, upon all the examinations of this course.

Or, of decoction of nettles, and skin apply the boiled herb hot as a poultice. Let your clothing be adapted to the temperature of the weather, employing rather more than usual; and use flannel, especially about the abdomen, with a view ingredients of guarding against sudden changes. After the lapse of three weeks, the patient is brought to my house, convalescing, but not satisfactorily, since the surgeon had left ofl" attendance, considering him able to do buy without more treatment. Uk - at the end of her journey she felt faint on getting off her horse and had to be placed on a sofa. He makeupalley commits a criminal act every time he does so; and, though our wise laws protect him in his nefarious business, he will be held accountable, I believe, to a higher tribunal, to answer for his misdeeds. 30 - iNFLUENCE OF IODINE PREPARATIONS ON THE VASCULAR ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF EXPERIMENTAL, PATHOLOGY, UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, (From the Pathological Laboratory of the University of Pennsylvania.) series of experiments to determine the experimental conditions in which adrenalin injections into rabbits would cause arterial changes. Correcting - the perforations of the right membrane healed one at a time during two years under caustic treatment, but reopened several times" when he took cold." For the past year and a half, under the boracic acid treatment, they have remained permanently healed notwithstanding cold-taking. Constant relations are maintained with State industrial commissions, and a niunber of men have been sent to the minute Institute with liberal allowances for maintenance by commissions which thought this a wiser and more economical plan than long-continued compensation payments. All observations are taken during expiration: gel. The sounds of respiration were heard bioderma feebly, and at a distance, throughout this side of the chest, unmixed with rales, and no where bronchial.

And - thirdly, and this is the point on which I wish to insist, diphtheria, there is an element of spasm, intermittent, sometimes with long intervals of relief,- which leads to the belief that the obstruction is not permanent, but only occasional, and often causes the operation to be too long del.ayed. Almost the entire salon sheath came away with it. Bloch has been appointed professor of otology at Smallpox is said to be biofinity rapidly on the increase at JoIiauuesberg, South Africa. Dobbin, have successfully accomplished their purpose to produce a manual of chemistry in which not only the science of chemistry should be taught, but in which also the chemistry of every substance having interest for students of medicine and of pharmacy should be set forth in all attainable exactness (athena).

As the bladder was not catheterized immediately before administration of the anesthetic, in five cases such large amounts of urine were found on catheterization as to make it probable that a large proportion of it was present in the bladder before anesthesia, del and that it did probable that the amount was also decreased.

The reason of this is, as already stated, that lupus is not in any of its forms specific; it is not produced by any one definite cause, but is a result of order various modifications of vital endowment e-xisling in its With these explanations, which- appear essential in order that we may understand each other, and use the same words with the same meanings, I will now enumerate the varieties of lupus which it seems convenient to recognise in practice. Each physician modifies any schedule of dosage he may use certain rules have grown into convictions, or have little by little undergone neulash changes as my experience grew. The cavity of the thorax w as diminished in all its diameters, ageless especially in the antero-posterior in the middle line; whilst this measurement was markedly less on the right side than on tiiC left. Those published by other surgeons, they appear to have been rejuvenate more successful, not only as to the mortality, but also as to the results obtained. Septicemia, but lift it represents an overflow of bacilli from the lymphopoietic organs.

Our patient had a kind of" rheumatic" pains in various parts of his deep body.

He does not mention the name of Atlee, who began operating as soon as Clay, and whose tables and suggestions it suited a London surgeon to publish as his own: creme.

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