Herman Bendell, of Albany, presented the The report of the committee on hygiene was pre sented nu by Dr. The injections were repated at intervals of twenty-four hours, the guide being the absence of a fall in the temperature, which usually dropped at once following the first dose or two (eye). Stahl: The patient was a primipara, thirty-five years of age, sutfering with a suliserous fibroma of the uterus, ller skincare labor was spoDtaneons. It is progressive and judicious, and suited to the requirements of learners (uk). In the clinique case of iron and other oxidizers the blue spot appears at once and gradually fades, whilst in the case of blood the spot turns blue slowly and persists. It must be admitted that such distortion will prove more or less annoying, but the question is not whether the full and entirely comfortable vision of the normal eye can be obtained, but whether the individual for whom no relief is possible in any other manner can not be aided in a marked degree; it is hardly necessary to refer to the operations which have been suggested on the cornea or iris, or to the conical or parabolic lenses which have been proposed for irregular astigmatism, but which have not made, and are not likely to make, their way (about). ON CEUTA.IX CASES derm OF SURGICAL INFECTION. Althaus, who is a well-known London specialist of large experience, has chosen for consideration in this volume those diseases of the cord accompanied by sclerosis or chronic degeneration, and details which include in reality the majority of cases of spinal disease commonly met with.

I have made no attempt to examine this black precipitate chemically, but it can scarcely contact be anything else than the black oxide of mercury, which my recent experiments show has decided antiseptic power when present in putrescible prevents the putrefactive decomposition of beef peptone solution in i:;oo. I have already indicated my preference for the ligature operation and only wish to add that this treatment requires skilful supervision "lifecell" in order to be successful, but when successfully carried out it has yielded, in my experience, more satisfactory results than any other operation. After cleansing again with DobelTs solution, a tiimpon of absorbent acheter cotton saturated with cocaine was inserted, which seemed to have the effect of restricting the flow of blood. Landon Caetek fade (inAV, of New York. Staples as total having taken place at his home, in Winona, not a man who" made a stir in the world," but his useful and unassuming career seems to us worthy of mention. A complex drainage-tube was also inserted at this point. He was in teamine the side, tympanitic resonance from apex to nipple, and flitness from here to base. On the basis of clinical data Isaac Jones and his colleagues have proved that while the fibres from the horizontal canal cream go by way of the inferior peduncle, those from the vertical ascend into the pons and pass over by way of the middle peduncle; after entering the cerebellar nuclei these fibres pass by way of the superior peduncle on upward to subcortical cerebral centres. The appearance of the bandage when one complete circuit has been made is The bandage is completed by repetition of these turns till the roller is used up, advancing with each turn a little way up on the shoulder, and a little way up on the arm: rio.

There have been but two deaths each from measles and whooping cough since January are but six cases in the Isolation Hospital; at this The Yale Medical School Orator scrub for the current vear. Jeffries of Boston has made arrangements with an optician of go so far as to strongly recommend that wools used exposing the worsteds to the light as much as possible, keeping them in a box in a dark room when not in of external warmth to the eyes, temporarily all relieves color amblyopia, which would lead us to be cautious in allowing men to protractedly cover their eyes with their hands, just previous to the test.

This was supposed to be carcinomatous and an effort was made latisse to excise it. I desire to call attention to an important clinical point: Sometimes patients complain for a long time of a sense of fullness of the nostril and other symptoms of hypertrophic catarrh, and after a while expel little pieces of flesh, as they essence term them, from the nose. The Society of Medical Jurisprudence, held in the New York Academy"of Medicine, Dr (eyes).

It may be said that the lens might have been removed by using a large spoon through rejuvalash a section of the cornea with or without iridectomy. He cared not for the unpopularity of thus combating polypharmacy (ou). The sloughs have all become detached, From this time forward the patient gradually imjjroved for two weeks when a rise in reviews temperature, an mcreased pulse-rate and marked pain supervened. Yet it would seem rational that if the amniotic liquor is in part due to the serous portion of revive the fcetal blood passing from the vessels of the cord, that there might be such excessive transudation A most interesting case of hydramnios sustaining this hypothesis has recently been published by ManGiAGALLi in the Annali di Ostetricia. No attention will be paid to anonymous revision communications. For exmole, the duodenum is liable to traumatic inRuences rom ail overdistendcd stomach or duodenum itself, rom an overloaded colon, a motile rich. kidney, straining mscular movements, and external injuries.

We will also admit that there are certaio medical cases which can be better treated in baume a hospital, under constant medical surveillance, irrespective of the financial ability of the patient. Reports the case of buy a woman aged thirty-two years, seven months pregnant, admitted to a hospital in a rather emaciated, anemic state.

We must next convince ourselves of the presence of Koch's comma-bacillus in Ferran's et culture fluid.


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