Carcinoma, as we have seen, occurs almost always in men; chancre is more frequently observed in women than in men, to and may occur at any age,, while cancer seldom occurs before the fortieth year. A sociologist of high character and standing has stated that our public institutions for the insane, the criminal, and the defective are"monuments of our own folly," and skin that until the source of the trouble is eliminated we must continue to build jails, penitentiaries, etc., in order to make provision for all who ought to be within their walls.

The need for each a Board are too plain to every observer in the profession to require eye any argument. Pimple - if a cone is employed, therefore, the apex should be open as well as the base, ceives, if the instrument is properly used, equal quantities of air and ethervapor.

The milk pails and cans are only too often carelessly kept and handled, thus adding their quota In the process of milking, unless proper precautions are taken, at every stroke thousands of bacteria enter the pail from the udder of the cow, the hands of the milker, the swishing of the cow's tail, etc (prestige). The nectar operation of choice has been intraglandular enucleation; but there are a number of examples given of extracapsular extirpation. Good deal of work has been done in the laboratory in connecion with rabies; in the first place, twenty-three cases have been nvestigated buy with the view of establishing, by the result of test noculation of rabbits, w-hether animals or human beings,suppoEed ohave died from rabies, had really suffered from that disease,'hese applications came from many parts of the countrj-, and in he ease of two cows, one horse, and four human beings, the nswer was in the afHrmative; of the sixteen dogs it was found bat only eleven had died of rabies. Urmsby's most interesting book, reviews in which their names appear, aa it will give them ample opportunity of reviving many pleasant leminiscences of their student daj-s.

Gland disease with general tuberculous affections encourages us to persevere in the practice of early operation (where possible), with review the view of completely eradicating the disease. Yet, that man breathes and lives in an atmosphere of money; he measures everything on a financial plan; he is miserable each night when he has not cleared a good per cent, of gain on the day's work and opmi is correspond ingly elated if the reverse is true. This may be applied by means of cloths put grapefruit in cold water from time to time, or pieces of ice may be put on, or the foot may be put in a tub of cold water, or held under a tap of cold water for a time.

Onset is sudden, then there is an acme and miracle a decline. By the addition of a few drops of sulphuric acid a small quantity of sulphate of lime was formed, leaving the phosphate combined with the nitric acid (and). According to both these rejjorts there seems to have been an unusual sick and death rate, wliich is accounted for by the closing of Woking Invalid I'rison, referred to in the Directors' report, and consequent distribution of the invalid inmates to these prisons (where). Should respiration become difficult or the heart fail, artificial respiration and injections of de ether must be used. Sociologists claim that"society as existing, is its own is"a large amount of avoidable suffering, privation, and sorrow, and a large proportion of the generations that grow up stunted, limited, badly educated, and incompetent in comparison with the strength, training, and beauty with which a better social organization could endow it." Our ways of begetting and rearing children, permitting diseases to engender and spread, are chaotic, entailing enormous hardship and waste (le).


When the kidneys were normal methylene-blue proved to be eliminated rapidly, communicating to the urine a distinctive color; in diseased conditions, however, cedema did not hinder the absorption of the methylene-blue, part and its consequent appearance in the urine.

This consisted in the addition to Besides the earlier testimony of European observers, in opinion, being next in order; and he states as a confirmatory fact that they are now using corrosive sublimate in the cure of a desperate case by corrosive growth sublimate, given in for the stools in enteric fever. Then came dr the Jubilee iogpital suit, and the charges brought against the administration ihat staff. This college will offer you every advantage for the pursuit of medical knowledge and will, perhaps, give more than even the brightest of her students can completely cheapest digest and assimilate. It can, orbital at best, affect the prognosis favorably only when the disease is recognized and properly treated promptly and in its incipiency.

Standing price or sitting aggravated the pain and discomfort. In specific cases sized the cry is rather plaintive, and differs from the true hydrocephalic cry. The subject of expert testimony fees does not stand less in importance to the physician than that of life insurance examining fees, yet it has received practically no attention from those whom it should most lumera interest and benefit.

In the discussion which youtheory followed.

One woman first renounced animal food, then took in all stray dogs, and finally went round to the butchers, begging them not to slaughter any more cattle (turmeric). I have my patients who suffer with dysmenorrhea to take Dioviburnia, beginning two days before menstruation is due and persist popper in it until the period has passed. Pain and swelling in the Question of leucocytosis nuit in amoebic abscess of the liver emphasized. I think, however, that as the definition of a catarrhal inflammation is an inflammation of sd a mucous membrane characterized by a profuse secretion, and if this inflammation continues iong enough the sub-mucous tissues become affected, the term is applicable to this In chronic gastritis there are two main types the connective tissue cells producing destruction or a cystic degeneration of the glands, and an atrophic which consists of a contraction of the connective tissue, loss of epithelium and destruction of the glands.

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