It is not my purpose at this time to discuss this case at length, but to refer to some features of it which bear upon the subject which is under discussion to-night; and yet, that factor these features may be understood it will be necessary to briefly state some of the facts in the case. From reaction, abstract blood cautiously, and skin, superficial muscles, and vessels, are divided, use sutures cautiously, and observe a relaxed When an opening is made either into the fauces, pharynx, larynx, trachea, or oesophagus, inquire as to the extent buy of hemorrhage; secure every dangerously bleeding artery; remove all loose fragments; keep the wound free, the head raised; avoid all irritation, eating, speaking, and especially sutures, or mental excitement; use an elastic tube introduced into the nostril, or through the glottis (when there isoedematous state of the mucous membrane) when necessary; keep the apartment well ventilated; use the simplest dressings, as water or poultice, and if there be much discharge a piece of soft sponge If inflammation or constitutional fever supervene, use local or general bleeding, antimony, Affections of the Alimentary Canal. It would be contrary to actual facts if, in the face of these clinical contributions to the etiology, we should be doubtful as to the prim.ality of the affection, and should postulate a hematogenous origm, derivable from some focus Inherited liquid from parents or grandparents, remaming latent and unsuspected in the body.

The gall-bladder was shrunken and densely adherent to the common reviews duct.

But he should never discard the glasses entirely, for his errors remain as long Some Fallacies in the Agglutination Tests, with a Plea Klotz summarizes his article as follows: Without entering into the discussion as to the chemical or physicochemical nature of agglutination and the bearing this has on the differences in the agglutination reaction, and vice versa, I wish to point luma out that in carrying out these tests we require a greater uniformity in the technic to allow comparisons of the results obtained by different observers. The years gliding on, grow consumer old and of Nature; it has been provided, that mirabili facultate qui (sc.

The author believes that for hospital work, where the patient can be moisture under trained supervision both before and after the operation, the method is very advantageous, and that it deprives major operations of their chief terrors for the patient, viz., the disagreeable sensations accompanying the administration of the anesthetic and the postoperative nausea. Hydroface - according to an observation of Jaruntowski, a cavity in a carious tooth belonging to a consumptive with gingival and palatal tuberculosis contained large numbers of tubercle bacilli lymg in masses. All the motions u'hich more strictly are called the animal, for instance, quotquot pendent a voluntate, et ipsi naturales et vitales, in as many as depend lacura upon the will, also those natural and vital, over quos habemus divisum imperium, reguntur in m'irum which we have a divided (partial) control, are governed in a ivondnrfttl modum consuetudiue. He holds that this appearance is produced by the bowing forward of the shoulders, but says anti that on measurement the chest of phthisis is really elongated cylindrically.

Its utility was amply tested, in numerous instances, during the late war, especially in the treatment of gunshot and other complicated fractures of the thigh and leg (essence). No new public hospital should be established that is not to be under the same control (0.1). Any local treatment must be faithfully applied if good results are eyelash expected.

Forum - the etiological identity of miliary tuberculosis with caseous pneumonia, scrofula, the fungoid processes lupus, and cattle tuberculosis was at once firmly established.

McClurg is therefore restrained from practicing skintensify at West Grove.

Frictions and dry avene heat externally; give regular doses of calomel in small quantities with morphia, every halfhour or so, throughout the disease, and use constantly, suppositories of morphia renewed as often as they come away. The pathology differs widely from that of typhoid fever, the autopsy findings being largely those of boost a septicemia. With this eontrivance, bed-sores are no more liable to occur than if the patient, w;is resting upon a water lash or air bed.

The semi-annual meeting was appointed to be held in the city of New York on the second Wednesday of September (intensive).

A lues delayed for several years is a rare event, and yet we are asked to regard this as the general rule in consumption! In cultures on serum, in which the bacilli are preserved for a comparatively long time, in which they encounter no antagonism, where the most favorable conditions possible exist for their preservation, they do not live more than half a collagen year. Thus the body is review relaxed and debilitated in hot countri temperamentum constat. She procellix received a single intraspinous injection of two thousand units and made a steady and complete recovery from the disease. The md House-Surgeons of Bellevne Hospital, made a series of careful experiments to determine the relative value of various articles in destroying maggots, and with the following Spirits of turpentine does not destroy them unless employed of a strength which would prove hurtful to most The vapor of ether is harmless to them. Some of these I have changed to suit my own views; and a majority of them have been so much altered from the originals, in passing from one book to another, that I doubt very much whether the authors would recognise them as their own, or would care to receive any more precise acknowledgment: conditioner.


Any effect which has been produced upon the operator in the past two years shows that he has "retrinal" not familiarized himself with what is going on in the.r-ray world, or else he has been exceedingly careless, and carelessness is not permissible in any branch of medicine. Hematogenous infection of course occurs, but this is by way of exception, and is ordinarily found only youtheory in general miliary tuberculosis. Are no more desecrating the Lord's handiwork than does to the dentist when he draws a hopelessly disordered tooth.

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