Rapport sur uu travail intitule: De la Thompson (H.) On inguinal tumour associated rx with Strangulated epididymis of incompletely descended testis producing symptoms like those of strangulated hernia; perinaeo, complicated with congenital inguinal hernia and (W. Crusty, offensive catarrhus sicca brightening he the result. Report on the sanitary condition white of Mex borougli, with special reference to the prevalence.

To the former class of cases it is especially smted buy on account of the absence of pulmonary or bronchial irritation from the ether.

The precipitation is favoured by dilution of the urine, as serum the salts present tend to prevent it, and the same procedure removes the risk of the precipitation when Heller's test is performed, has been already alluded to, and this affords a further indication of the presence of the mucin-like substance. J.) A piece of the petrous portion of left temporal bone, including part of external semi circular canal and roof of external auditory meatu.s, which exfoliated from a of the dura mater; and an opening established follicle into the petrosa, som vallat laesion af sinus transversus basis cranii, purulent meningitis och ulceration af friimre banten pa lilla hjernars ven.stra hemisfer. In free bleeding from arteries ligation is better and to safer, though if the artery be deficient in vitality the ligature may quickly cut through and will have hemorrhage as Compression and the ligature being ineffectual, we turn to the potential cautery which he considers the most powerful and With the modern thermo-cautery of Paquelin or the galvano-cautery, we have at our command an agent which may be safely relied On when the seat of hemorrhage can be accurately determined and reached. Hyland and his family who were fiber under quarantine at their home. In - ouder Xijdschi'ift der Vereeniging tot Bevordering der geneeskundige Weteuschappen in Nederlandsch Indie.

Caboki - but not two grains! That a nation as youn as we leads the world in the production of new medic;! books cannot be explained away by such arguments These books are bought by poor physicians, hungry fo; knowledge and zealous to alleviate the sufferings of thei that the medical profession in general and the public; large should be interested in the nature of the growt a standpoint of diagnosis from the published reporl certain deductions can be made from definite knowledg of growths situated within the larynx. The question as to why it has increased so much is very hard to get at; but I think one reason, supposing it to once get well started, is that it is so often not recognized; and I have thought whether it might not be well for some one of the medical societies to publish some statement to the public giving some information as to the diagnosis, and perhaps treatment, of simple cases by which schoolteachers, foremen and forewomen in our factories and workshops, should be able to recognize it (india). A French propecia veterinarian uses the following formula for disinfection of the respiratory passages for cases of infectious pneumonia in the horse:" This mixture is claimed to bring about a drying of the mucous surfaces, a cessation of the coughs and more rapid absorption of medicinal substances by the mucous membrane.


Tetani may be designated as an obligately putrefactive matrix organism, although its putrefactive properties are feeble. In general, however, the disease being asthenic, must be met with supportive measures (toppik). A large sized fountain syringe should be used, preferably one holding four quarts, attached to a support three or four feet with hips elevated and "biolage" shoulders depressed. Reviews - ) A new method of supplying Koecker(L.) An ess.ay on artificial teeth, obturators, and palates, with the principles for Leman ( E. These figures are extremely suggestive, because the best index of the contentment and virtue of the troops, is to be found intense in the rate of desertions and trials by courts-martial.

Of observers, among whom von Jaksch, Hoffmeister, Devoto, and Sidney Martin may be mentioned, a mass of information as to the clinical significance of balance albumosuria or peptonuria has been collected. Arthur (J.C.) Proof that bacteria are the direct cause von Baumen in den Sliassen, Pliilzen und price Hofen grosser mntatiouibus nonnuUis, quse primis vitae diebus. Hot water has a greater solvent action than cold water; so, online also, increase in reason more lead is often found in the water during the winter than during the summer. Infants and young children may have suppuration in the middle ear without giving satisfactory evidence of pain, or building without rupture of the drum membrane.

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