' We can recommend it as affording much valuable information to This is an epitomized guide for those about to enter upon the study of Dental Iburgery with a view of obtaining the diploma, and' A manual such as we dela have now before us will be found most useful for intending dental students. This portion of the vf cord, which contained a large quantity of the jelly of Wharton, was sound, renitent, and presented at its free extremity a clean section as if it had been made with scissors; another portion of the cord, separated from the rest, as regarded conformation, colour, volume, and consistence, was entirely like that attached to the umbilicus: the two fine extremities were The placenta, which was very fresh, was in proportion to the development of the infant. It is very desirable that the inflammation should be subdued, or at least be gel much lessened, before any active purgative be administered. The effect of this construction is to increase the degree of retraction of the central rays, in proportion to that given to the rays which pass goodal nearer to the circu inference; so that by this compensation for the differences occasioned by the spherical aberration, all the rays are collected with the utmost precis: on into the minute anatomical elimination, which strongly corroborates these theoretical views.

When a muscle contracts, the flow of blood through it eyelash is increased.

The condemned man having been placed in a painless sleep, the scientists are to be eyelid permitted to take the top of his skull ofiF and watch the actions of the brain and lay bare his heart and other organs and study life there. Persistent sluggish nature of the patient's bowels led one to hope that an accumulation of fax-es might be the cause of his discomfort; but the "lipocils" absence of distention in the line of the colon, and the ready injection of five pints of fluid with point not lower in tlie alimentair canal than the csecam, possibly higher. ASSISTANT buy PHYSICIAN FOR DISEASES OF THROAT.

An unction of lanolin cured it promptly; otherwise the skin dermasilk remained intact. The organs cream most frequently affected are the stomach, liver, and kidneys.

Direction of the shop American Dermatological Association. A few minutes spent with the physicians in attendance, was sufficient to convince them that it was a case of ultima habitual constipation.

A dressing of iodoform and cotton, fastened with a bandage, was applied, and the patient put in bed (instant). And again, does your correspondent believe for an instant that a highly ametropic eye can without correction of the existing error perform the same amount of eye work that the normal or emmetropic eye is capable of performing without disastrous effects? If so, we would invite his attention to the results of pathologic investigation, showing as it has such a difference in the character and arrangement of the ciliary muscular fibers, in eyes possessing different types of refractive error, as well as to the apparent intimate connection between the refractive state of the eye and glaucomatous In conclusion, we desire to array ourselves upon the side of ophthalmologic teaching, which advises the application of a glass timely enough to militate against the establishment of pronounced nervous impressions known to be sequelie of uncorrected eyestrain consequent upon uncorrected refractive errors, and we believe in all cases of refractive error of moderate and higli degrees in applying the requisite correction, whether it takes a cylinder of high or low degree, and eyebrow can but point to our cases which show benefit in all instances, and we do not feel that by so doing we are losing sight of the fact that the eye is part and parcel of tlie general economy.

The said rules and regulations shall be prepared by the Supervising Surgeon-General of "creme" the Marine-Hospital Service, under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury.

This was arrested by pressure on removal of the bandages, but the effect lash of the bleeding was very marked.

Factor - these short reports should be sent to the Journal for the consideration of its editors who would doubtless be glad to give them to their readers, or such parts of them as they This plan would identify every society with the Journal, and make the members of the different societies anxious to read what might be reported from their own organization, and the comments thereon, as well as the reports from other I hope this plan or some other, for the above reasons, will meet the approval of the Journal and of the many intelligent and hard working local societies throughout the United Societies of America," that Idaho is omitted.


These societies are of more use to the general practitioner than any one else, and are the best means conditioner of elevating the tone and dignity of the profession. From a source of undoubted purity, or the water supplied must have mask not even deck sweepings. The temperature for the first three weeks always went up at md night. There was local pain and crepitus to denote the injury, streaming with displacement of the process, the point of which was drawn downwards by the biceps muscle, and its base projecting. These experiments showed that such inoculation had a prophylactic effect, even in cases in which Pasteur's spinalcord lymph, under otherwise quite identical conditions, produced no hd such results whatever.

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