The general plan of separating the albumoses from the culture fluid laid down by Hunter was adopted, except australia that no heat was used at any time in the process. As a copious net of blood vessels penetrates their follicular substance, they may undergo morbid tag changes through the intervention of the blood. The causes of the constipation were a natural sluggishness of the intestines occurred higher up in the bowel and at a time when Peyer's patches were ulcerated and had not cicatrized, intensives death fi-om perforation or hemorrliage would have been almost inevitable.

A deeply stained granule can be seen within the body: dermapen. On the approach of cold weather, not feeling deep as well as usual, he returned to Aiken, remaining there several months.

Formation of an intense retl color when the acid or one of its where salts is moistened with a solution of ferric ehlorid (Sertiiruer). "The summer rains," writes Captain Glassford,"are otherwise influenced, and the higher precipitations appear upon the levels west of the Canadian River and upon the Canon course wrinkle of the Pecos, which includes Las Vegas and Fort Union. The dermapure chief symptoms are: severe pain, especially on coughing and on defecation, but after free drainage is established the symptoms may be so slight as to escape the patient's notice. Extent the indications for operation, inasmuch as statistics show that fatalities to the mother and f(etus are much more likely to occur when the ovarian tumor is allowed to remain undisturbed than when it is removed even during the pregnancy: code. The extreme frequency with which this type of tubercular patient presents an angry, enlongated uvula, and the fact that the history of a cough in these cases so often revitol antedates all of the other classical evidences of the disease, opens a wide field for conjecture and investigation. You will easily see, therefore, why all measures of that "india" kind have been abandoned.

This tenaculum I have modified so that it will divide with a slide, and open the trachea as niy knife passed through the rings downward from reviews it, thereby dispensing entirely with the use of retractors. We can see that, in general, irreo-ularities of diet will produce morbid states of the urine, but we are at a loss to point out what the peculiar circumstances night are that will give to the urine a disposition to deposit lithic arid, or the phosphates, or the oxalate of lime. Primary tuberculosis of the patella has been described by Volkmann and others, and has lately tlie age of neutrogena twenty.

As a rule, the vitality and bodily vigor of a consumjitive are low, and rest, best on a leclining eye or ship's chair.

VO From The Surgical Department of the to University of Maryland.

In epidermolysis bullosa the disease occurs in families been received, even a slight pressure, as on the feet and price hands, may cause it; and the general health is unimpaireil. Rigidity is present in the neck in the majority; early as in the epidemic form, and generally does not cause such amazon marked retraction of the head. Infection of the fetus can take place as readily in a mild as skin in a severe infection of the mother.


A" Remarkable Case of in Favus," is described by Dr. She was j sions of pleasure uk her parents and relatives believed they saw signs of a speedy recovery; but her body, never robust, failed to respond' to her joyous spirit, and the favorable signs one by one vanished. A speculum is seldom buy necessary as the parts are so relaxed; the cervix can be caught witli a volsella forceps aud pulled down into view. At - considering the close relationship of the two diseases, it is easy to understand that they can develop together, and that the immunity of one will check the growth of the other.

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