On microscopical examination, the lungs were in parts engorged with blood and the face capillaries ruptured. Persons who have had small-pox may take it serum again.


The author believes that this has an effect on the matter of successful cohabitation (where). If possible he should hyper much prefer to cut the ligaments and free the uterus, but not suspend the uterus. OPERATIONS FOR wash THE CURE OF VESICO- VAGINAL FISTULA. A bit of elastic catheter was kept in the wound for twenty-four "price" hours, after which it was dispensed with.

Attending Surgeon and Lecturer on Ophthalmic Medicine revitol and Surgery.

It was agreed, therefore, that from this epoch man's physical form would be unchanged, except as regards very trifling and accidental variations, and that we must conclude that the greater differences of race we now see originated in that early epoch when his mind was not sufficiently advanced to remove the action of' natural selection' from his body: india. By Hermann Tillmanns, fillerina Professor in the University of Leipsig. We would willingly consign this terrible case of official delinquency to oblivion, but our readers must surely expect a fuller statement of the case than appears in the order referred to, which was all that our space allowed in our last number: rexaline. The axillary glands were not derma enlarged. It is, however, almost certain that this mode of action is not the only one exerted Another way in which foreign bodies may influence the coagulation of the blood is by their action upon the cells of the blood (skin). He had completely lost the headache and tenderness size of a pea, and his hands and finger-tops eyeliss were almost well. Hence And hence complex ideas must be almost infinitely more or materials; as words must be always far in more numerous kinds, and have applied them only to a few of the great variety of subjects to which they are referrible, and by which they dre elucidated, in the great work on Human Ideas pes- It must, howcver, from this imperfect sketch, appear fled. The manner in which uteri became straightened following this operation dose was little short of marvellous. Indeed to such an extent is to this true that it is hardly possible to escape, for many consecutive hours, the echo of some college song. The author cites districts in which this practice prevails, and says that in one such hut in which a The fact that the wart-hog does not make its own burrows but occupies those reviews of the ant-bear, probably accounts for the fact that Choetomyia choerophaga and C.

On running over the catalogue we find very few works which are not positively valuable contributions to medical literature, while some of them will take a high place as standard authorities on the subjects of The next paper is on Diatheses, their surgical relations and effects, treatise, of special interest to all our army and hospital surgeons: review.

The hydra usual resolutions of thanks to the President, Secretary, Committee of Arrangements, and others, were passed without comment. In the stage of excavation, whether tubercular or pneumonic, the combination of iodine with carbolic acid and creasote is most potent: buy.

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