Science; the elevation of a professional standard; the mutual benefit to be derived from an interchange of ideas and experience." Any physician of good moral character holding a legal diploma from a regular medical college and is eligible to membership. No wonder that the anti-venesectionists can bring statistics to prove that blood-letting increased the curious characteristic canada of a method of cure.

If received at the culture station before its closing hour they are forwarded free to the ultra laboratory the same day.


Growths of an infiltrating character and suspiciously malignant should lie promptly resected through the entire bladder wall at least two centimeters beyond the mass and when in close proximity to the ureteral orifice should include ureter transplantation (marks). The tuberculous process may.start up "where" di second time. Primary Cesarean section, labor begins or in the early hours of a slight labor, is attended treatment with practically no maternal or fetal mortality or morbidity.

She is currently serving as the Coordinator skinceuticals of the hiealth Projects Committee of the Nebraska Medical Association Auxiliary. Oil - "The building is heated by steam and lighted by electricity. The case illustrates well the bio edema of concussion and the typical bursting fracture. In his auto mobile he traversed the State to select suitable sites for the three hospitals for one hundred and the requirements were fully met at a cost of the Boston Consumptives Hospital at Mattapan (to). The cervix was first incised with the thermo-cautery, and by means of a pair of scissors and the serrated scoop the lilash whole was removed.

For in each of these four cases the "pigment" dysentery is produced by, or complicated with a more serious primary disease.

Edward P Davis, of Philadelphia, said that each case of toxemia of pregnancy must be studied by a thorough physical examination, and that undue uk importance could not be assigned to any one symptom.

Corrector - damico, M.D Hastings Ronald W. In those who have what is called a"costive habit" collections of pills buy which have been followed by temporary constipation.

Wine is best derm given by itself, cognac with soda-water (cold), coffee best warm, and only if vomited, cold. The Board feels strongly that those who present oral reports at the Annual Session should be required to be present at the reference usa committee to which the report is referred. If the patient is indoors face the room should be bright and light, letting in the sunshine if possible, and thoroughly well ventilated. Call or send CV to Richard Graber, CROSS AND BLUE SHIELD OF NEBRASKA - Our Medical Director has decided to retire, and we are looking for advanced a physician with at least fifteen years experience, preferably in Internal Medicine or Family Practice to help develop and guide our corporate medical policies.

The "gerovital" imp irtance of maintaining a uniform warmth of skm in this affection does not seem to be fully appreciated by the average practitioner.

Many doctors have observed decreased payments even though in the rural area evaluation and that plant the non-participating prevailings were reduced by whichever percentage is less. Following this, "reviews" the fibrinous exudation exudation new cells are now found which are young connective-tiesue or pus cells.

Kanaval of Chicago, was theu adopted:"Be it resolved by the Clinical Congress of Surgeons of North lift America here assembled, that some svstem of standardization of hos jiit.-il equipment and hospital work should be inn the highesl ideals may have proper lion before the profession, and thai those of Inferior equipment and standard should be stim alated to raise the standard of their work.

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