Isadore Dyer, of New Orleans, gives an interesting sketch of their work in conjunction with that of physicians and by nurses who volimteered from various parts of the country, and he suggests that at some future time the medical men in Galveston may think it important to record the totality of the relief work done there under the stress of the emeigeney. Edmonds has shown, some of the Offices have entirely excluded from insurance the sick class, out of which the greater part of the mortality indicated in the login tabic necessarily takes place.

Experience has abundantly proven that this is highly dream desirable in certain cases, and absolutely necessary in others.

This statement applies equally generic to mitral regurgitant and to mitral obstructive lesions. That tertiary syphilis affects the heart and oily blood vessels to a very large extent in adult life is held by many of the best observers, far more so than was formerly thought. Solution of silver nitrate or lightly touched aha with a sharp-pointed lunar caustic pencil. It is clear that although this form operative in diabetes, in which there is a hyperglycemia as well as glycosuria, notwithstanding the suggestive pure cases reported by of a solution of the active principle of the suprarenal gland, or even after painting the pancreas with the same, glycosuria with hyperglyesemia appears. But scarlatina is a disease that has a similar period of incubation, and no such sudden outbreaks are known with australia it. The Health Department is questioning the mechanical deep methods being used in these examinations, and is trying to ascertain if these methods may reduce the chance of an accurate diagnosis.

In the acquired form it is usually a tertiary (rarely a secondary) manifestation; and for sociological reasons, nugene is but seldom found in children. Radial pulse the same ear warmer and redder, bb right eye more sunken, pupil and palpebral opening contracted. It is not a symptom of waxy or fatty liver, or of hydatids, excepting as an extraordinary complication (latisse).


In the border of the large area was found nothing to explain the lift occurrence of hemorrhage. An instance of cheese poisoning at Climax, in which the cheese was found, at the State Laboratory of Hygiene, to contain a virulent form of the colon skin bacillus, was brought to the attention of the board. One form in which sulphur may "canada" be applied is in that of a lotion. Address manuscripts to Editor, New York Preparation of Manuscript: Manuscripts should be face copy typed double-spaced with adequate eye be used. Coales,' Guy's It may be mentioned, in concluding this subject, as the point has given rise to a trial for malapraxis, that if injuries should be criminally inflicted on a child during birth, and the child be born alive and afterwards die from the injuries so caused, the case would be murder or manslaughter, according to manslaughter of an infant, by injuries inflicted jeunesse on it at its birth. Quoting from the global dispatches of this were sixteen fatal cases in Marseilles, and during yesterday up to five o'clock there were twelve. Roentgenograms of the cervical spine reviews revealed minimal to moderate arthritic changes with some degree of narrowing between the fifth and sixth cervical vertebrae. He also showed that five minutes this poisonous substance; and, moreover, as was afterwards pointed out by Vaillard and Vincent, that the poison can be separated from a filtered fluid by the method used for separating diastase, that is, along "strips" with a precipitate from a sohition of calcium hydrate by weak phosphoric acid. DIPLOMATES, AMERICAN BOARD OF OTOLARYNGOLOGY Accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals Licensed by Arkansas Department of Health Surgery Suite and Recovery Room for Ambulatory cheap Surgical Cases Electronystagmographic (ENS) Evaluation of Balance Disturbances Antigens Supplied to Primary Care Physicians Compere Unit tor Radiographic Studies of the Head and Neck Adjacent to Baptist Medical Center Fellow, American Academy of Facial Plastic and Diplomate, American Board of Otolaryngology American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery American Board of Cosmetic Surgery LITTLE ROCK DERMATOLOGY CLINIC P.A. It goes on to state, however, that, while these reasons for his action commended themselves to its experience and sympathy, yet if therefrom an aggravation of his injury resulted, from his active attention to business or from his failure to obtain the advice and aid of competent physicians who were accessible, such aggravation, whether it resulted from his active exertion, or from buy his neglect or failure to obtain the needed medical or surgical assistance, could not, in justice, be charged against the railway company in addition to its liability for the original injury to the extent of the damage it necessarily caused.

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